"Awesomefat represents 1 of 6 wings of a family business operated over the last 20 years"

by Dr. Michael Litman, Dr. Larry Litman, and David Litman MBA who each have the unique talents to cohesively fuse science and capital. Dr. Larry Litman is a dentist by trade and the father of David and Mike. David Litman earned his MBA from the University of Illinois in Urbana Champaign and is the younger of the two brothers. Dr. Michael Litman earned his PhD in Computer Science from Nova Southeastern University. Prior to Awesomefat, the family business was comprised of an investment company, a real estate company, and 3 software companies in the real estate arena.  These companies continue to thrive today, and are powered by the modern trends in business, productivity, and marketing. From a productivity and marketing perspective, the landscape has changed with the advent of mobile apps. A mobile app is a native software application which runs on modern mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, and the various Google Android phones and tablets.

"Mobile Apps today are in a similar place to where websites were in the early 1990s."

Back then, a business was cool if they had a website.  Today, nobody is impressed if you have a website.  They are unimpressed if you do not! It is our belief that there is a unique opportunity for a business to embrace mobile apps today, as having a mobile presence will be part of the cost of doing business in the near future. Awesomefat was created with custom mobile applications in mind. Dr. Michael Litman and his team work with businesses of all sizes to craft the ideal mobile strategy. The Awesomefat team then executes this strategy to perfection.

"We are the best and brightest of today backed by nearly 100 years of combined business, productivity, and marketing experience!"

Team Awesomefat is comprised of design and project management talent along with a large number of software developers personally trained at the college level by Dr. Michael Litman in his capacity as a Computer Science Professor at Western Illinois University and Concordia University Wisconsin.  Besides the obvious competitive eating connection, Awesomefat's culture represents cutting edge technology, "the cool factor," the integration of mobile technology throughout our personal and professional lives, and of course the ever growing dependence of society on the wonder-vegetable bacon.  Seriously, can you name a better vegetable?