Gift Planning Services

Take Charge of Your Finances

Financial planning is never fun, but it is necessary. This app. makes it easier and more exciting to plan for your financial future. Made for the company Gift Planning Services, this app. allows users to distribute their money into various fields and to various people while maintaining a firm grasp on where their money is going. Investments, donations, funds, inheritance money and much more are all covered in this app. and will leave you feeling financial guarded.

Each user has the ability to be set up with his or her own personal profile so that any changes can be easily made. The layouts are simple and easy to use and very convenient for catering to each person’s unique needs. Provide for your children, grandchildren and family by using this fiscal app. and feel safer about your investments.

After creating a personal profile and walking through the app. with Gift Planning Services stellar staff, you will be provided with a simple chart and overview that documents your current financial plan. This includes your estate, qualified money (IRA & annuities), balance of estate, potential tax and the money to heirs. Whether you are looking to give a gift or provide for your family’s future, this is the app. to use.


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