Living Compass

Your Future

Epicurus, the Greek philosopher, once said, “The art of living well and the art of dying well are one.” As the title suggests, this app’s focus is on living well. Luckily, this app. offers more than simply epicurean philosophy! With a personal wellness map to track your wellness goals, a cheering section to share your successes, assessments to help you in the main areas of your life and much more, you cannot go wrong with this app.

Before setting up your wellness goals the app. suggests that you start with a self-assessment of your current life balance. The assessment takes you through four main areas of your life: strength, mind, soul and heart. Each of these areas are broken down further: strength into “Care for body” and “Stress resiliency,” mind into “Vocation” and “Organization,” soul into “Spirituality” and “Rest & play” and heart into “Relationships” and “Handling Emotions.” After taking the assessment you will see how you rank in each category and be prompted to pick one to work on. From there you will pick a statement derived from your assessment that will help you raise the score in the area you picked to work on.

Set up action steps to help you develop your weaker areas and select inspiring quotes to get you motivated. Share your goals and plans and quotes with your friends and watch your life change. Sometimes changing your life for the better is as easy as knowing where to start. Let us suggest Living Compass as your starting place.

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