While Awesomefat can certainly create content for you, many of our corporate clients already have a talented staff of developers that are more than capable of creating content, but lack the necessary training needed to deploy content to newer platforms like iOS and Android. Dr. Michael Litman, PhD is a professional educator who specializes in training experts and beginners alike. Dr. Litman has the depth of knowledge and industry experience necessary to speak the language of the most experienced developer. He also has the unique ability to explain difficult topics to non-technical people. Don't just take our word for it. Read Dr. Litman's blog to see for yourself.

Dr. Litman enjoys working with groups of any size. All of our training sessions are priced based on topic and duration of the training. This pricing strategy sets us apart from the competition that typically prices training on a per seat basis.

Our clients can actually make money by selling seats to our training sessions. Every custom training package comes with audio and video capture of the sessions for future use by the purchaser. Our competition typically charges extra if you want a copy of the training you purchased.

We do not believe in nickel and diming a client. You will always get our best price first, and you will always get a fixed price quote so that you know the exact amount you will pay from the beginning.

Consulting is also an important part of what we offer. We have a specialist capable of meeting any of your business, marketing, and technology needs. Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote.

Education Topics include (but are not limited to):

• Beginning Computer Programming

• Programming Data Structures

• Dynamic Web Programming

• Collaborative Virtual Environments

• iOS Programming

• Android Programming

• Computer Networking

• Computer Operating Systems

• Software Engineering and Project Management

• Modern Trends of Technology in Business