Dr. Michael Litman is an award-winning Computer Scientist with 11 years of higher education teaching experience and 15 years of professional experience as a software engineer and architect utilizing a plethora of languages and technologies. His dissertation was titled: A Java Based API for the Implementation and Maintenance of Domain Specific Collaborative Virtual Environments. This work represented an early look at the technologies pre-dating what we now call Cloud Computing.

Having earned his PhD from Nova Southeastern University, a National Security Agency (NSA) certified university, he has expert knowledge in the fields of network security, cryptography, and securing data in the public domain. This skill proves invaluable in working with enterprises whose data is of a highly personal and private nature. Beyond this, Dr. Litman is a world-class software engineer and architect with the experience and hand-picked team to consult on any size project, train any team of developers, and build custom solutions for problems of any size.

Dr. Litman is passionate about and dedicated to maintaining expert knowledge regarding the current and future trends in computer technology. This breadth of knowledge has allowed him to be an invaluable consulting and education resource for many businesses, small and large. His vision for Awesomefat: Interactive Evangelism is to spread the good word about optimizing and driving business through the modern trends in mobile application development, interactive web experiences, social media, secure systems integration, and turn-key technology options for small and large businesses alike.

Dr. Litman takes great pride in the services he and his company provide and personally guarantees that you will be 100% satisfied with their work. At a recent presentation Dr. Litman said: "We aren't the cheapest, but we are the best. If a client isn't happy, we aren't done. My clients care about results, and I care about over-delivering those results. If a client doesn't feel they can recommend us to their colleagues or friends, I'll give them their money back to find out why."