Priveyo is a social media app that allows you and your organization to post status updates, photos and videos without worrying about who you’re sharing this information... more >>


Everyone has a dream in life. Whether that dream is becoming a great athlete, a better friend or creating better study habits, dreaMission is the app. that can help you achieve your goals... more >>

Agricultural Education

Have you ever wondered if a career in agricultural studies is right for you? The Agricultural Education app. can help you discover the numerous opportunities offered... more >>

Living Compass

Epicurus, the Greek philosopher, once said, “The art of living well and the art of dying well are one.” As the title suggests, this app’s focus is on living... more >>

Gift Planning Services

Financial planning is never fun, but it is necessary. This app makes it easier and more exciting to plan for your financial future. Made for the company... more >>

Wheel & Sprocket

Providing bikers with helpful tools to enhance their riding experience, the Wheel & Sprocket app gives bike enthusiasts opportunities to plan rides with their friends, instant access to roadside... more >>

Wards House of Prime

The Wards House of Prime app is a fun and innovative way to learn more and gain the full experience of Wards. By creating an account, the user can receive special offers by email and get full. ... more >>

Dr. Steven Allergist App

The Allergist app provides a quick and easy way for patients to check their medications and stay in touch with their doctor. Through the app, patients can view all of their current medications... more >>

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army Bellringer app was created for the 94 Labs Social Cause Hackathon. Through the app, users are able learn a variety of facts about the Salvation Army, about their purpose and...  more >>

Milwaukee Public Museum

Tour the Museum's 150,000 square feet of exhibit space to visit Africa, Asia, Europe, the Arctic, South and Middle America, the Pacific Islands and a Costa Rican rainforest or take a small... more >>

Judge Joe Brown

Download the first and only Official Judge Joe Brown mobile app! Ask Judge Joe any question you want, and brace yourself for his hilarious answers! You can also share video and audio clips from Judge ... more >>


The Statmandoo Hockey Stats app changes the way that hockey stats are normally taken. Instead of writing down every detail of the game on paper, this app will record everything digitally so... more >>

CUW Admissions

The CUW Admissions app was initiated by Concordia University Wisconsin. The admissions office was looking for a way to collect information from potential future students at... more >>

Dental App

The dental app provides a way for dental offices to connect with their patients. Dentists are able to keep their clients updated about dental information, offer in-office discounts, coupons, and more. They also... more >>


The Advent app focuses on three areas: hearing loss, snoring, and sinus issues. The hearing loss section allows the user to hear what the world sounds like to individuals with varying... more >>

IQPLUS Golf Trivia

IQPLUS Golf Trivia is a challenging and educational game about the grand old game of golf. If you already have what it takes to rise immediately to the top of our leaderboard, or if you would... more >>

Moments Ago

Moments Ago is an easy to use app for teachers that facilitates teacher to parent communication in seconds. No need any longer to wait for a free period to sit-down at a computer and send important... more >>